Merrylegs Forms and Policies


A. Forms

1. New rider information form

2. New volunteer application form

B.  Policies

1. Insurance
2. Young volunteers
3. Data Protection
4. Child Protection Policy
5. Safeguarding
6. Constitution

1. Insurance for riders, volunteers etc

We are insured by Howden UK Group Ltd.  The insurance certificate and policy can be seen on request.   This policy covers us for legal liability (ie where the group is legally responsible through negligence).  Please note, as is normal in all forms of sporting and recreational activity, our policy does not provide personal accident insurance. If you wish to have personal accident insurance you must arrange it yourself.  There are various policies available (for example, provided by the British Horse Society).

2. Younger Volunteers

We welcome volunteers aged 12 and over.  

3. Data Protection and Privacy Policy

To comply with the legislation on Data Protection and to ensure privacy it is important that records containing personal information are kept up to date and only relevant information is stored.  Personal information relating to any member of the group (trustees, instructors, volunteers, riders and their parents) should not be disclosed outside of the group and should be shared within the group only on a “need to know” basis.

Copying of rider/volunteer application forms: Rider forms are photocopied and held by Session Managers and Instructors.  Medical information on these forms may be shared if necessary with other volunteers. Volunteer forms are held by the Session Managers, along with any information concerning references, green cards etc.  All such forms will be removed from the files and destroyed when a rider/volunteer resigns from the group.  The only exception to this will be where rider records are retained for a period in a trainee instructor’s file because they are relevant as a record of the instructor’s experience.

Other rider information: Files introducing our riders to volunteers and recording some of their achievements and activities are kept by the Session Managers.  Parents, Instructors and all volunteers are encouraged to view these regularly.  The contents of the files will form a record that can be taken by the child when she/he leaves the group.

Photographs will sometimes be taken for sharing with the group, unless a parent indicates on the rider application form that they do not wish their child to be photographed.  Such photographs may eventually be used on our website.

Computer storage of Data: We do not deliberately transfer records containing personal information onto computers.  The only exception to this is the list of active volunteers, which contains telephone numbers. However, contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses will inevitably be stored from time to time on mobile devices and in mailboxes of computers.  All best efforts will be made to delete such records when a rider or volunteer resigns.

4. Child Protection Policy

Our group has adopted the NSPCC child protection policy. Our Child Protection Officer is Simon Luck.

5.  Safeguarding our Riders: our Policy

As a registered charity, Merrylegs is committed to the protection of all children within our group – whether they are riders, young volunteers or visitors.  Our instructors and session managers are DBS (previously CRB) checked. All other volunteers are supervised by the instructors and session managers.  Two references are taken, and followed up by a phonecall, for other volunteers but parents/guardians should note that we are not entitled to DBS check all volunteers as they do not come within the exceptions to the ROAs.

6. Constitution

We are registered with the Charity Commission as a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) charity number 1168691.  Our constitution is based on the standard CIO consitution template provided by the CC.  A full copy is available on request.